Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mozambique Greeting Cards!!


Hello Everyone!! I have gotten some beautiful picture cards by way of a friend who has been to Mozambique in years past!! She was so sweet to give them to me, and they are really lovely and strikingly colored pictures. I have been putting them on blank cards and have matching envelopes.

- I have them in sets of 6 and asking for a donation of around $8 for them - or if you want singles you're welcome to have those for a dollar (though if I'm mailing them to you, I guess that would be less economical! :)) I can also make them into postcards if you think you would use that more than a greeting card.

-If you are interested you can just give me your email address either on here or at my email and pay through my Paypal or by check to
131 hermitage woods drive Hermitage TN. 37076
The checks should just me out to me, since I am going to be paying the school directly and for my shots and Malaria pills!! :)

These pictures are a sample of what they look like (the colors are more radiant than on here :)), and there are about 6 more different pictures.

The countdown is on! I'm leaving in almost exactly 5 weeks!! And I need to have everything paid for by May 10th - which is in about two weeks.
Shots are scheduled for the first week of May, and the hunt is on for my big list of supplies!
My Visa application is being processed, and I am reasing my awesome books.
My excitement is growing more and more. :)
My prayer needs are:
-That I will make my face like flint and continue to seek God every day regardless of what I'm doing ro where I'm going.
-That I will trust God for the supplying of these little needs, and won't let them distract me from God Himself!!!!!

Thank you all

P.S. Be sure to choose "personal payment" or "gift" or "other" if Payal gives you a payment option. That way I won't have a charge taken out of the payment. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello all!

I am blessed, and happy. :) Not for a particular reason other than the fact that God shows me love and faithfulness.

I am currently getting through my Visa application, preparing to get shots, and starting to look for different needed items like a tent, a sleeping bag, and Malaria pills!!! haha - oh the joys of preparation. I am also reading wonderful required books (right now "Peace Child" and "Compelled by Love" - sooo good!!), and trying to learn a little Portuguese!!! Bom Dia'! Sou Americano e' nao falo Portugues'. That means that I'm American and can't speak Protuguese. Haha, self explanatory, I guess!

Thank you for your prayers. I'm having a fundraiser show and Craft Fair in the beginning of May. I will put more info up about that soon.

I am holding continually holding onto God, and trying to spend as much time with Him as possible. That makes everything easier. :)

More to come!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


HALLELUJAH!!! I just bought my plane ticket!!!!!!!!! Mozambique here I come!!
The miracle:
As of sunday, I was still 700 dollars short for my ticket. As of yesterday, my ticket was 400 dollars cheaper than I thought it would be!! AND I got a couple more donations, mixed in with some pay that I received from work, and now I only need 100 more dollars to have the ticket paid for!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!!! THAT is a miracle! I bought the ticket with a card, and now can pay it off within the week!
Needless to say....I am excited!
Now I know for sure (as if I had doubt) that I am going. And I started on my Visa preparations and my insurance info and all that somewhat bothersome stuff today!!! I also signed up for a yahoo group and started getting to know some of the other lucky students that I'll be with for three months. There are students from China, Australia, the U.K., all over the U.S., Mexico, South Africa and more!!!! I can't wait to be a part of such a beautiful group of people! WOOO!!!

This Saturday, Heidi Baker is speaking at the Fortress in Franklin! I am going to see her, and also meet a couple of the leaders of my school! The next morning, a missionary from Mozambique who became a pastor through the pastor school that Iris Ministries has on the same base that I will be on, Supresa Sithole, will be speaking at Grace Center!! AH what a weekend!! COME all who are able, and be incredibly incredibly blessed!! Call me, message me, let me know, you can come with me! You will NOT regret it!!
Prayers are still needed for all these details and getting organized - getting my shots and having the rest of the payment for school by May 10th.
LOVE to you all!!!