Tuesday, April 6, 2010


HALLELUJAH!!! I just bought my plane ticket!!!!!!!!! Mozambique here I come!!
The miracle:
As of sunday, I was still 700 dollars short for my ticket. As of yesterday, my ticket was 400 dollars cheaper than I thought it would be!! AND I got a couple more donations, mixed in with some pay that I received from work, and now I only need 100 more dollars to have the ticket paid for!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!!! THAT is a miracle! I bought the ticket with a card, and now can pay it off within the week!
Needless to say....I am excited!
Now I know for sure (as if I had doubt) that I am going. And I started on my Visa preparations and my insurance info and all that somewhat bothersome stuff today!!! I also signed up for a yahoo group and started getting to know some of the other lucky students that I'll be with for three months. There are students from China, Australia, the U.K., all over the U.S., Mexico, South Africa and more!!!! I can't wait to be a part of such a beautiful group of people! WOOO!!!

This Saturday, Heidi Baker is speaking at the Fortress in Franklin! I am going to see her, and also meet a couple of the leaders of my school! The next morning, a missionary from Mozambique who became a pastor through the pastor school that Iris Ministries has on the same base that I will be on, Supresa Sithole, will be speaking at Grace Center!! AH what a weekend!! COME all who are able, and be incredibly incredibly blessed!! Call me, message me, let me know, you can come with me! You will NOT regret it!!
Prayers are still needed for all these details and getting organized - getting my shots and having the rest of the payment for school by May 10th.
LOVE to you all!!!


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