Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello everybody!!
You may know, but I'm heading to Pemba for my final time as a long-term Missionary there on July 7th! And then im headed on a trip to Asia for the month of August.

This trip is going to be the punctuation mark for everything that I've poured my life into over the last 4 years. All the hugs and kisses on the cheek to beautiful momma's, sitting in the village on grass mats with mozambican friends learning the language, the aha moments when one of the women I was teaching finally got the hand feel of a Jewelery tool or painted a picture that they felt proud of, dancing and singing Makua worship songs, ridiculous times of Makua jokes and laughter over rice and bean lunches,  tearful moments of loss and mourning over lost precious lives, all the dreams visions prophetic words tears and all the love that I could offer has been given to this. And the time has come for the spiritual child God gave me and I loved and cherished to be given back to Him.

I know that we will still be connected for the rest of our lives and I'll be able to visit from time to time. But please be praying for our hearts as we make this transition.

I'm still very short for funds for this trip and the following time in Asia where I'll be visiting and volunteering at different Iris bases including India, Nepal, Thailand and another location that I don't feel at liberty to disclose.

If you feel like you've been involved and connected with me and my momma's over the years, please consider helping me to get back there and close this chapter well. I'm leaving 3 weeks from today!

To donate directly go to and chose to send money. Send it to
For tax-deductible donations, go to, go to "donate", then in the COMMENT BOX write "Tetra Cierpke in Pemba, Mozambique".
Id also so appreciate an email letting me know if you donate this way, as I wont know that the money is coming into my account until next month

Love you all, and I truly feel like so many of you have been with me through every step of my adventures in Mozambique - you have no idea how much I have appreciated it.

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