Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I hope that my life smells nice.

Ive been thinking about sacrifice. I was singing a song the other day to God: "Youre worthy of it all", and the words were becoming so real to me - My daily challenges and sacrifices came to mind and I could say,with tears in my eyes, that He is worthy of all that Ive given and done. Thinking through the sacrifice of distance from loved ones, deaths of Mozambican friends and their children, cultural confusions, hurts, and misunderstandings, floods, worms in the toes and parasites in the tummy, ants, rats, and snakes, heat rash and sunburns, power and water-outages, lonely times, overwhelmed-by-people times, missed

opportunities for work and doing or eating "normal" American things...He is worthy of all that I do and I do it because I love Him. Being in the middle of the place He carved out for me and my talents, and pouring my love out for Him in the ways He perfectly created for me is all I want to do. It hurts and isn't fun sometimes, but it fills me with such joy to think what my life must smell like to God, with the sacrifices it includes. 

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