Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My sister Lauren is going to the Harvest School!!

Lauren Brown, my beautiful friend with a beautiful heart is going to Pemba!
Huts in Mozambique close to Pemba area
Hello dear friends and loved ones!
I wanted to share with you that one of my amazing friends, or spiritual sister/daughter, Lauren Brown, is going to Pemba for the Harvest School this summer!!!! She and I have walked through a lot together. I met her last year on a choir trip in Europe, and we were drawn to eachother by Missions. I also thank the Lord that He used me as an example to her of something that she was really desiring: the Holy Spirit and an intimacy with Jesus that brings freedom and joy! She told me that she could see that there was something different in me, that there was a joy that I didn't seem to strive for. I was able to tell her that those deep yearnings in her heart for a closer and more REAL relattionship with God exists and was made for her as part of our inheritence (Ephesians 1:14)!! We talked about the relation to all of this and Missions, and I got to share with her that God has so shown me that it's through intimate and close relationship with Him that we are able to love others or do anything of the adventurous Missions things that should be really difficult in the natural. 

God has been giving her those desires of her heart, and then some! Including sending her to Mozambique! He has opened the doors in a big way, and I’m so excited for her! and we have been so excited to see the ways God has been preparing her for such an amazing time and experience that God prepared just for her!!
Would you join me in being excited with her and being a supportive family for her through this journey of getting to Pemba!  I know how difficult it is to stand in faith going through the process of getting there, with the hurdles of getting a visa, shots, preparing for lifestyle change of being in Africa etc.
She has some deadlines for payments that I'd love you to join me in believing for. She has one TODAY for buying her plane tickets and another deadline coming  up in about 2 weeks for her tuition payment. Please pray with me for the money to come in!

Please pray this in with us:
-$400 by the end of today!!
- Around $3000 more over the next couple of weeks!
Here is some of her testimony and also sharing a bit of why she is going to the Harvest school. It also has her contact information, and you can find her on Facebook if you'd like to follow her on her journey to get there! More than anything, I feel I'd like to offer her some friendships with people that I know PRAY! And I believe many of you that read my blog will do so! So will you join me in praising the Lord for getting Lauren to Pemba and changing her entire paradigm!
Here are some of Lauren's words:

  Last summer, I accepted freedom in Christ for the first time, and this is an excerpt from that night’s journal entry:
“Yahweh has adorned my head with jewels of adoration!  After a lifetime of feeling completely inadequate, I finally feel enabled.  Equipped.  Empowered.   To be humble is not to be ashamed. To be humble is not to be timid.  To be humble is to bow.  It is to weep. It is to yearn for something more.  It is the realization of something beyond myself.  It is sweet liberation! From mountains to mountains I will run.  Over rough terrain, I will run!”

            The moment I decided to let go of myself and grab hold of God, everything changed.  Before Jesus ascended into heaven in Acts 1:8, He told His disciples, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”   My life has been turned inside out by the power of God within me!
            The Lord recently led me to apply for Heidi Baker’s Harvest School of Ministry, so I did.  This school provides 10 weeks of in-depth missionary training while serving the people of Pemba, a city in Mozambique, Africa.   Due to the small amount of housing available at this mission base, only 350 out of 5,000 applicants were accepted.  The Lord has opened this door wide, and I am ready to run with arms wide open!  This is the mission of Harvest School of Missions:
“Called to LOVE.  It costs everything.  It’s passion and compassion.  Extravagant
love that gives without expecting back.  A laid down life.  A love that looks like something practical.  It is a huge vision that is changing the world person by
person and nation by nation.” 

I am honored to proclaim the healing power of Christ to a hurting world.  There is hope, and I am excited for the opportunity to be sharpened, equipped, encouraged, humbled, and taught.  In the name of Jesus, I will run!
I am thankful for the light you have been in my life, and it is my hope that you might ask the Lord how you can support me in this season.  The cost of this trip is $7,000, and the value of your prayer is priceless.  I pray that you will be filled with joy and peace that can only be found in Christ!

Contact Information:         Lauren Brown                                   Email:
333 Murfreesboro Pike                    Cell:  731-394-3878
TNU Box 735
Nashville, Tennessee 37210

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