Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm going!!!

Here it is everyone! The news you’ve been waiting for! …
I really am going to Pemba! And Im leaving Nashville June 21st, and after doing some exciting things with my family en route to Pemba, I will arrive to Pemba between July 7th and 10th (depending on flights)!!
I will be in Pemba 6 months continuing to work with the amazing and beautiful Makua women, the widows and single mothers teaching Jewelry-making and discipling. I am hoping to begin work with other types of Jewelry-making as well, using the natural resources that the beaches offer us as well as the trees! 
I want to truly thank each of you for waiting patiently with me and giving me the freedom to be obedient to the Lord by waiting in this time. Thank you for your prayers, support and all that you’ve done for me. And most importantly, thank you for allowing your heart to be caught by what God’s putting on mine; Thank you for being interested in what God is using me for, and for letting your heart break with me over these women who so need to know God’s love and learn that He is their Father.
My plan for these two or so months before returning to the amazing Pemba, are to continue to allow God to work in and prepare me for ministry, as well as continue to learn Jewelry-making techniques (I just found a school in Nashville that teaches bead-weaving, wire-wrapping and bead-stringing! I’m going to take as many of these courses as I can afford and have time for!!!!) I am continuing to try and learn how to manipulate coconut shells and make jewelry with them (if you know of any good resources or anyone who makes coconut shell jewelry, please let me know!). I have begun to start learning Makua, the local dialect that isn’t a written language without even a Bible completely translated. I’m learnining it with the help of an amazing man from the Pemba area who actually speaks english and has moved to the U.S.; our classes are over Skype, and I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE learning it!!! I am also practicing Portuguese, so I’m technically learning two languages! HA!
I n this time, I feel it’s really important to HAVE FUN with my friends, like YOU! So, let me know if you’d like to get together in this time when I’m home!
Financially, I am very close to my original goal! I was estimating that I need about 600 or 700 dollars a month for food and hospitality (I love sharing meals with my friends that don’t have much food and rarely have meat or treats), communication with family (internet and phone), communication with Iris co-workers (a huge necessity), and transportation around the city (I’m planning on getting a bike to be able to travel more efficiently).  I am at this point going to have about 550 a month including supporters that I have and what I have raised and saved.  It would be really helpful to have closer to 600 or 700 a month, but  I am SO THANKFUL for the amount that I’ve saved , raised and am receiving !!!
Prayer points:
-          Please pray that I can find ways to be prepared for the teaching: I want to be able to tackle the coconut Jewelry-making, but I really don’t know the best ways to make many pieces efficiently, and don’t know many people or resources that teach how to make Coconut Jewelry-making. I also feel that my experience with metals, isn’t as helpful as beading and wire experience would be, so please pray I will learn all that I need to in order to help the ladies learn good techniques.
-          Please pray for strengthening of my abilities to lead and disciple: I really want to disciple the women well. Please pray that God will give me ideas of things that they will be able to relate to that also helps them to mature and grow in their relationship with Jesus.
-          Please pray that God will continue healing and growth in me: I had an amazing time in Pemba last year, but it was difficult in many ways. I realized many areas of undealt with hurt and insecurities in me that hindered me freely walking into the destiny and person God has planned for me to have and be. Please pray that God continues to use this time to continue that work in me and heal wounds and reveal His truth about who I am in Him! One area that I specifically see His finger on is where I find strength and comfort; I want God to be my one and only source, and I see myself run to things like food or entertainment instead of Him often. That isn’t what I want, and especially doesn’t help on the mission field. I really want breakthrough with this!!
-          Finally, direction: I feel myself wondering about the long-term direction of my life, and though God has given many amazing specific outlines for long-term, such as: “the creativity inside of you is the same creativity that God used in creating the earth”,  I’m going to have involvement in “Arts and fashion industry; this is tied to releasing others from bondage”, “you are able to see the unloved, forgotten and broken, and love them well”, “you are God’s gypsy. You’re to be travelling all over the world, possessions will never hold you back, and your people group is without number”.  Yet, my practical brain is wondering about whether I need more schooling in Jewelry making, and/or education. And I’m also wondering about what’s next after this 6 months. I know that God has an amazing plan, and as I’m obedient, He will continue to have me exactly in the right place at the right time as He has been, but I also want to make wise decisions. I see myself teaching Jewelry-making all over the world and at different Iris bases, and see Pemba as a training ground for that, but I don’t know the practicals!
-          Thank you all, again - Love you!

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