Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Seeing Heidi, Miss amy, and getting prepared!

Mama Heidi speaking and reminding us of what we want to give our lives for!

Hello friends!
There was a conference here in Nashville last weekend in which David Hogan and Heidi Baker spoke!  I got soooo....just overwhelmed by what God did in me there. I had an incredible encounter with the Lord in which He truly started breaking my heart for the mamas and the women that I live with in Pemba. thank you Lord for that! I am so thankful. 
The amazing Lancaster family! Go to www.Wewillgo.org to learn more
Last week I was miraculously blessed with the ability to get to visit Miss Amy Lancaster in Jackson, Mississippi! She and her family live there with other missionaries, right in the heart of the downtown area which is apparently one of the "worst" cities in the U.S. Which is where us Iris folks like to be!!! It was amazing to see all that God is doing there, and I was SO encouraged to live life with them and to the people ther efor a while. I realized something while interacting witht he people there: people are people...and I love them. ! Walking around the neighborhoods there was so similar to visiting friends in Pemba, and  loved it. I am realizing more and more that God made me to be a lover of His children - especially the onees that don't get much love. Thank you Lord, for breaking my heart for your lost children!

They also have a lot of knocks on their door for help from their neighbors, which is similar to my 350 or so people that knock on our doors for help in Pemba. that was one of the reasons that I wanted to visit them - to see how they stop for the one there. I learned a lot from their patience and kindness and HOSPITALITY! Oh my goodness - the south has such an anointing for hospitality, it's amazing!!! I want to be like that, Jesus. I realized that i can NEVER let the jewelry making preparations stop me from really caring about the ones that knock on my door for help. 
This week I have the opportunity to go to California for a while. There I will be seeing and encouraging my sister who moved there recently, visiting with my aunt and asking for help with Jewelry making (she makes Jewely as well!), meeting up with Iris Alumni who I will love to ask for prayer and disection of my time this summer, and just get some time to fill up in the amazing worship there! 

Please keep praying for finances for my plane ticket and living expenses there, and praise the Lord with me that He has provided everytime I have really needed it. Also please pray that I figure out how to really connect with my church family while Im here, though I have time limitations! I'm realizing Im not as close to people there as Id like to be, and I really need friends right now!!!!
Dont forget you can email me anytime if youre wondering about what's going on with me, or if you want to give advice about how to...be a missionary that's visitng home!! :)
love and peace

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