Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun Videos from Iris Arts jewelry making class!

Here are some really fun and beautiful videos from our class!
The first two videos are from a day that we had a party and foot washing for the ladies. Because the Pemba base also houses the Harvest School of Missions, we had Harvest schoolers helping with the class for the two months that they were on base. They were in class once a week, and did a lot of other amazing things to help us during the week (we love you, Harvest Schoolers!!!!!). This was their last day to be in the class, so we had a party in which each lady recieved a skirt (an awesome present for them), foot washing, toenails painted, and some brownies!!! It was such an amazing and fun day. They were very thankful and were singing most of the time that we were washing their feet.
The second video down is them getting very excited about receiving skirts! You can hear their token warbling sound that they make with their tongues - it's a type of applause, and it's hard to do!!! I'll master it yet! Ha!

The last video is the ladies having fun during worship. We have worship before class every day, and they have a lot of fun. You can see in the middle of their dance circle that the women bring their children to class, and some of the dance too! One of the little girls is named Regina, and she is always dancing in the middle of the room when we are singing together!!! These ladies have a lot to be upset and worried about - many of them have a lot of children and no husband or way to support themselves ( though Iris does feed them and their families and supply many basic needs). But they are full of joy because of Jesus' love for them, and because they are learning how to make jewelry and will be able to have jobs soon!

Muluku Aureriheni Simpwanaka!!! (God bless you, my friends! - in Makua)

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