Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everyday life

If I were in Pemba this week...

These are the faces that I would be seeing tomorrow morning if I were in Pemba. I would be getting up early to jog and spend time with God, then I would be either walking (if so, I'd see ladies carrying their loads on their heads on the way there)
or catching a ride to the other base to begin teaching these ladies at 8:30 am.

I would say "Moshellelia Simpwanaka" and "Salaama" (good morning friends! and hello!), give two kisses on either cheek, and hugs, and then start worshiping and dancing! Then we would start teaching!

I would be making time out of my busy day to make sure and eat lunch in the kitchen - because that's where my best friends are!!! These ladies teach me Makua, joke around with me, make special kind of food for me (JUST ME!!!) and save it for me, and sing songs together. They also bring me into the kitchen and try to teach me to make the food with them. This is one of the best parts of my day, and most important, in my opinion (probably the Lord's as well!). Sometimes I get busy and may even miss a lunch meal - but these ladies are the main reason that I make myself stop doing busyness!

I would be getting visits! every night, these two girls knock on my door (the lovely white girl next to me is my roommate, Bridget!!!!! I love her!!) and they come in and just hang out! They are daughters of teachers in the Bible school. They will sometimes jsut sit contently while Bridget and I are doing our own things, or they will play on my computer, or we willl help them with some homework or give them some food. (I had to set some parameters at one point, because for a while I was getting knocks at all times of the day including 6:30 am on a saturday morning! ha!).

This is what I would be doing this weekend if I were in Pemba - sitting on a rope bed, in a hut with good friends, playing cards with a little girl sleeping on my lap and village kids crowing around to see. Or, an amazing friend would be cooking me a meal. I always bring persents when I visit these friends - usually some food, something practical, and something fun like jewelry! I love my weekends. One time I bought bamboo for a friend to fix part of her house.

Seems adventurous, huh? Well this is just everyday life in Pemba!!!

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