Sunday, May 1, 2011

I will boast in Christ!

Can Ijust take this opportunity to boast about Christ??!!
I serve, am friends with, am loved by, and have been redeemed by the most amazing being of all!
He tells me I'm amazing, when I feel as if I am...nothing; and He convinces me of how amazing He thinks I am by telling me over and over. He tells me who He has created me to be; He tells me that I am an artist, that He is going to use my art, to be ready to be teaching (1 year ago I had 2 prophetic words saying that I would be teaching soon), He puts a heart in me that loves people and loves learning about cultures, and then He sends me to use art, teach art, love people, and delve into other cultures.
He gives me a family like Grace Center, who told me today that they are my family, they support me and are behind me, and they encourage me and speak life into me and agree with God's purposes for my life! I had a meeting with the Missions Department, and have never felt so at home and cared for as an adult in my home church. Hallelujah to the God who made the body and made us for community! thank you lord for accountability, for a Godly covering over me as I go into the Mission field! Thank you for the easy access to sharing with all of YOU what He does in other parts of this world!
He is faithful, and never changes - His kindness and goodness and sweetness never dim! He takes the lives of the people that i care about, that He gives me compassion for, and He shows them how He loves them, and how He restores and redeems!
Today Shyanna came to church with me and they played her favorite song: "Came to my Rescue", which speaks of God answering us when we call and rescuing us....this girl who has been abused, this girl who has seen drugs, alcohol, and sex in her own home when she was supposed to be simply growing up...this girl who is the second mom to her three sisters since her single mom is often sick....she experienced God's love today. I heard her very quietly joining in on the chorus of the song "He loves us"!!! She came to me and asked if I would take communion with her, and I got to pray with her reminding her that Jesus died for everything that she ever feels that she has done wrong and that has been done wrong to her - everything that makes her feel dirty or bad is gone and she is new!!! Thank you Jesus!! You care more about the people that I love than I do - how can I thank you for that?!
He has been reminding me and reminding me that He has called me worthy...I am not just going to Mozambique and doing things taht are the desire of my heart because I forced the situation, I am going because God has called me there and has plans for me that are more amazing than I know, and He thinks I'm more than "good enough" to be a part of such things. Thank you Lord!

i just wanted to boast on Him a little bit. I have had so much opportunity to remember His goodness in the last few days, that I can't help but SCREAM IT OUT - GOD IS GOOOOD!!! It's all true: what He says about laying down your life...we died with Christ but now we live! And I have never lived with as much Joy as I do with Him in my life!!!

Bless you all

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