Friday, April 22, 2011

Mozy preparations!!

Hey everyone!

I want to let you all know how Mozambique preparations are coming:

I leave in two weeks and 2 days!!! WOW! = pretty surreal!

This last week has felt a bit like the calm before the storm. I have been trying to get things done as well as possible, but there are many things that I mostly have to wait and pray for (like my visa to come back without any problems). I have been working my two jobs, trying to learn Portuguese, being sure to spend time with God every day, being sure to get a good deal of exercise (I want to be in the best shape I can for chasing little cute children, and dancing all day and night in the hot hot weather with the church there!!), getting presents ready for the women and children that Im friends with there (I’m trying to draw pictures of people and give them to them), get moved out of my house, see friends here before im gone , and plan a fundraiser/goodbye Tetra evening. Everything is going well! I just need to keep trusting that the Lord has control over every little situation! I’m soo thankful for this time of trusting the Lord, and I’m sooo thankful for this opportunity to GO! YAY!!!

Here are some prayer needs:

-Visa needs to get back to me before I leave May 8th.

- There are so many small things I need to do that it’s hard to wrap my mind around them!!

- I want to be ready to serve, and I want God to do everything He needs to do in me to prepare me before I go.

- Finances – I need to trust Jehovah Jirah, provider

I need to share praise reports, though!!! I have had a few amazing gifts given to me at times when I completely didn’t expect them!!! At church this last week I was telling how excited I am to go and my pastor asked how much I need in front of the whole group. People I didn’t know came up to me afterwards and gave so selflessly to me. it was so humbling and amazing. I still feel I have to learn how much we need each other as a body of Christ; too often I want to do everything on my own. Thank you lord for giving us these reminders of how we need our community of brothers and sisters. I feel that I am the last person that deserves gifts like this, but that again is a reminder to me of how much God thinks I deserve good gifts even though I actually don’t deserve them.

I wanted to share with you all a list of things that I am going to try to bring with me to Mozambique. These are all presents for either the kids, widows, poor, Bible students , or they are supplies for our class:


Girls: Hair clips, ties, earrings, bracelettes, lipgloss, NAILPOLISH, notebooks, diaries

Boys: Balls, flashlights

Ladies jewelry :

Wire ( brass, silver, copper), beads all kinds (wooden are nice), earring holders, hemp, waxed linen, pliers, jewelers wire cutters (most important things I need are the tools – cutters and pliers)

Bible school students:

Reading glasses, Portuguese dictionaries, Portuguese bibles, notebooks

Jump drives

- This is all I have time for, but there is more to come!!


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