Thursday, May 6, 2010

Curnchtime!! - Crazy. busy. gooood!

Hello everyone!

BIGGEST ISSUE: My deadline for paying for my school is this Tuesday!!

I need to raise...about 2500 by then. Wow - that's alot, yes. But it is definitely not too much for God. And I truly trust Him to provide it even if out of thin air. :)

I am working a lot to get everything together right now. I have a fundraiser tommorrow night!! It is an interesting event, because I feel as if God has really wanted me to focus outside of myself, and downplay the fundraising itself!!! We are going to have a CRAFT FAIR from 4:30 - 7 in East Nashville - but then the rest of the evening we are going to spend seeking the Lord and worshipping. We are going to go into a neighborhood that has been hit hard by the flood and worship there. I think it will really please the Father's heart. :) It is really neat to me to see how He prompted me to do something that doesn't really make sense fundraising wise, but definitely in Nashville's current situation, and the way that the Lord works - it makes sense!! I so love the way the Lord chooses to do things. :) His ways are higher and greater than mine, and it makes me sooo excited to be a aprt of it.

Please be praying for me that I don't get overwhelemd or forget the point with all this business!!

I am going to also post a list of some Items that I am supposed to bring for those of you that are wanting to help practically (this was my friend Georgia's idea! thanks!!)



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